How To Become A  Freelance Copywriter - Think Local

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The Easiest Way To Get Started - Start Local

You're a brand new freelance copywriter. You have no clients. Well - here's a nugget of information that's potentially worth millions of dollars to you: start local. Get local clients - local can be  in the next city or town, or if you're in a rural area, in the state capital, or in the next state.

Local copywriters have little or no competition. The only challenge you face is educating your clients on what you can do for them.

You get local clients via your telephone and the Yellow Pages.

Yes, you can use other methods of marketing, but use the phone - it's faster. I guarantee you, if you make 50 calls, you will have at least one new client, probably more than that. If you make 200 calls over two weeks, you will have enough clients to keep you active for a couple of  months.

When you're a copywriter, even a new one without credits or experience, it's very comforting to know that you can get money paid into your bank account, whenever you pick up the phone.

Why make personal contact? The chief reason is that it's fast. Make a few calls, get money. The only major reason concerns YOU. It's natural to be uncertain when you start a new business. Personal contact with your client assures you that this is something that you can do, and that your clients are eager to engage your services.

Tips: Money Up Front, Please

Here are some vital tips:

* Copywriting is business writing, so you get a retainer of at least 50 per cent before you start work;

* Make sure you have an agreement with the client. Your agreement should include the number of revisions (two), and that the copyright to your work remains with you until you're paid in full;

* Call advertising agencies (ask for the creative director), editorial agencies, and LARGE businesses. Very small businesses, with fewer than ten employees, rarely have the money to hire a copywriter. You can also call government agencies;

* Invest in yourself - the most lucrative kinds of copywriting are - direct response, Web sales page writing, and Web writing for Internet marketers. You need specific training to generate significant cash with these kinds of gigs.

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There you go - that's all you need to know to start getting copywriting clients. I promise you that with your first client, vast new vistas of potential will open for you - you'll realize that there are thousands of writers all over the world making great money doing what you love to do - writing - as a freelance copywriter.

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