New site for the ezine

Fab Freelance Writing Ezine now has its own site, where you can discover how to make money writing.
What you’ll discover on the site:
News - find out what’s coming up in the ezine;
* A permanent home for bonus issues - previously, you had to contact me to get a bonus issue if you missed out on a freebie. From now on, all downloads from bonus issues will be stored on the site;
Frequently Asked Questions - check here first, if you have a question about something in the ezine.
Big point - I’ve stopped archiving the ezine, so the only way you can get issues is by subscribing.

Build your writing skills at Writing Hacker

My new site, Writing Hacker, is a "what's happening in the world of writing now?" site. Many people who approach me via my original writing blog have many questions about writing in general. They’re new to thinking of themselves as a “writer” and have no idea of how they might fit into this broad world, which is changing so rapidly.
Writing Hacker, and ask questions about what concerns you in your writing career.

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