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My new site, Writing Hacker, is a "what's happening in the world of writing now?" site. Many people who approach me via my original writing blog have many questions about writing in general. They’re new to thinking of themselves as a “writer” and have no idea of how they might fit into this broad world, which is changing so rapidly.
Writing Hacker, and ask questions about what concerns you in your writing career.

Writing Private Label content - a goldmine for freelancers

"PLR" is the new buzzword among canny freelance writers. However, most writers are not sure how you get started making money writing Private Label Rights content.

It's quite easy.

I have
a PLR site - I established it a few months ago, and I've found it amazingly successful. I've now got several sites which depend on me to provide them with PLR.

Discover how YOU can start selling PLR with
"Instant PLR Author: Make Money Writing Private Label Rights Products" - it's a way to have money flowing into your bank account week after week, long after you've finished work on a project.

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