Questions about professional copywriting answered

I receive questions about learning copywriting every week, so I thought I'd answer them here - stops me needing to repeat myself. :-)

Q. How much do copywriters earn?

That depends on the copywriter. Most earn around $50,000 in their first year, and $100,000 plus thereafter. How much you earn depends on: the areas you're targeting (health and finance copywriters earn well), and how copywriting fits into your writing business (many novelists and magazine writers also write copy as a sideline, to keep cash coming into their writing business.)

Q. What does it take to become a copywriter?

You need to be willing to learn, and also to promote your copywriting services.

I've often said that if you can write an email message or letter and get a response, you can write copy. Copywriting doesn't require huge amounts of creativity, in fact "creative" copywriters can be a menace, wasting their clients' money by trying to be cute.

Q. How much do I charge for writing _________ [copy]?

That depends on you, and on the client's budget. When you're just starting out, you need copywriting credits and confidence, so you won't be charging as much as a pro who already has a stable of clients.

It also depends on your own business plan - how long it will take you to write a project... and whether you want to take on a particular project.

As you get clients, and write copy, you raise your rates.

Q. Can I moonlight as a copywriter?

Of course. In fact, that's the best way to start. You can write copy for clients before you go to work, and when you come home from your day job. When your copywriting income matches your day job's, you can go full time.

Most of your interaction with clients is via email, so there's nothing stopping you moonlighting. And no, you don't have to visit prospects - that's a huge time-waster, and rarely necessary. When it is, you charge your client at your full Day Rate, even for a one-hour meeting.

Q. How can I learn copywriting?

I provide you with two options, My "seven days" copywriting ebook and coaching package, and my Copywriting Master Class, which is conducted via email, over the course of ten weeks.

Which course is right for you depends on how much writing you've done.

If you're a professional writer and want to add copywriting to your services, take the "Seven Days To Easy Money: Copywriting Success" course.

If you're new to writing, then take the "Copywriting Master Class - Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius”. This takes you from beginner to copywriting pro in a complete copywriting class over ten weeks. This course is powerful and comprehensive, and includes the material from "Seven Days", with much more instruction.

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