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If you haven't yet created at least one Web site to promote your writing business, you're spending too much time finding writing gigs. It's far easier to have clients and editors approach you: they already know who you are.

In addition, a Web site builds trust and gives you credibility.

If you're a new writer, your Web site acts as your brochure: it shows people that you're a writer, and that you're available for writing gigs. Post some example of your writing to the site, so that people can see what you can do. As your experience grows, post your published writing to the site to build your online portfolio – remember to get permission to publish writing that you've sold. Or, post links to material online, and links to magazines.

If you're an experienced writer, your Web site starts to build your brand. I've written about the importance of branding on my blogs, and will continue to do so, because branding is vital for writers.

Essentially, building a brand is building your name – your reputation. When you're a known quantity as a writer, people offer you work; you no longer need to go hunting for writing gigs. Not only does this save time, but your growing reputation ensures that you can charge top dollar for your writing skills. People will approach you to write anything and everything from books to catalogs.

Make money writing Web sites

If you can use a word processor, you can write Web sites. Many writers shy away from creating Web sites... they imagine it's too techy, too complex. It's not. A small simple site can begin earning money for you very quickly. As a rule of thumb, if you've created a site in an area in which there are advertisers you can start earning five to ten dollars a day per site. Now $10 a day isn't much. But what if you had ten sites all earning $10 day? That's $100 a day, which is $36,500 a year, just from ten simple sites. What if you had 20 such sites, all earning you $10 a day - or even more - in fact, some sites will earn you $100 a day? "Super-Fast Money-Making Web Sites For Writers: Join The Web-Publishing Bonanza" shows you how.

Create a basic first site: start small, and then build both your site and your career

A basic Web site consists of just one page. These mini sites are sales pages. Although a one-page site gives you a Web presence, it's too small to get you much search engine traffic. The search engines are indexing software, and the more content on your site, the more they have to index, and the greater your chances of being found by people who are searching for your writing skills.

If you remember this concept "the more good content, the more traffic" you can't go wrong with any Web site. However, creating a large site is a step by step process. Growing sites is an organic process. Start with an introductory page for your services, then add pages as you extend the services you offer.

Not sure what to put on your site? Here's an example list of pages for a site for someone who's new writer, who is offering article writing services for both magazines and Web sites:

* A
home page, with basic information on your services. The home page has links to your print article and Web content article pages;

* A
print article services page – this page lists articles you've sold to print magazines, and has links to the magazines;

* A
Web content article page – describes your services. This is a Web sales page. List the prices you charge for article writing;

* A
portfolio page, with examples of print and Web content articles (you can post PDFs of the print articles);

* An
About page – look on this as a bio. Describe your experience, your skills, your method of work (how many revisions do you offer? How much is the retainer? When does copyright pass to the person or company who's commissioned the articles? Etc);

* A
contact page – this page can contain a Web form for people to fill in when they contact you, or it can just contain an email link.

Look on your writer's Web site as your 24 x 7 x 365 sales person, making contacts and sales for you every day. Because of the way the search engines operate, a new site takes time to become part of a search engines' index databases. The longer a site is online, the more trust the search engines develop in the site, and the more traffic the site will get.

A site is a must for every writer; and creating sites, as you will find, is a lot of fun. Each minute that you put into creating sites will have an enormous payoff for you in many ways in the days and years to come.

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