Freelance Writers Are In High Demand To Write For Web Businesses

Competent freelance writers are finding millions of exciting new freelance writing opportunities on the Web because Web businesses are starved for good writers. Angela Booth's new ebook "Writing For The Web" shows freelance writers how to get started writing for hot new Web markets.

August 20, 2006 --The image of freelance writers starving in garrets is out of date. In 2006, competent freelancers are switching their attention to the Web, and are commanding high hourly rates for their writing skills. Established Web writers' hourly rates range upward from $120 to $200 an hour. Angela Booth's new ebook
"Writing For The Web" at shows freelance writers how to get started writing for hot new Web markets.

Copywriter and writing teacher Angela Booth says: "While novice freelancers are still targeting traditional writing markets like magazines and books, experienced freelancers are plunging into online opportunities, and earning top dollar for their writing skills. The big benefit of writing for online markets is that writers can cherry-pick the projects on which they want to work."

Web writing includes writing entire Web sites, as well as writing specific Web pages, like Web landing pages, and sales pages. Angela says that blogging for businesses is the hottest of the new Web writing opportunities for freelance writers. Companies are catching on to the benefits of creating a blog, and usually don't have the skills in-house to write their blogs. Enter the freelance writer. The freelancer blogs for businesses under contract, usually for periods of three to six months.

Traditional freelance writing skills are easily transferable to the Web. While established freelancers already have most of the skills they need, Web writing is different from writing for print. The instant-downloadable ebook "Writing For The Web" includes Web writing examples, which shows the techniques of writing for the Web medium. Angela says that most writers can easily pick up Web writing skills like search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

"Writing For The Web" is offered as an ebook in PDF format, so that writers can download the ebook instantly and use the information at once. Angela offers a special bonus with the ebook: 15 minutes of coaching time, to answer any questions. Angela says that the ebook is packed with information which helps writers to get Web writing jobs: "So far, I've had two writers who got the book, read it, went to a job site and got a job on the same day they bought the book. I'm thrilled with this, because I know that many writers are struggling to find paying work -- this book lets them get the work they need and make the money they deserve."

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About Angela Booth:

Angela Booth is a veteran copywriter, marketer and writing teacher, who is based in Sydney Australia, and has clients all over the world. She has been writing for the Web since 1994.


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