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Writing For The Web

When you become a skilled Web writer, you will quickly be made aware of the amazing opportunities online. You can create Web sites and blogs, and sell them for five figures within weeks.

But how do you get started?

In fact, "How do I get started?" is the question I'm asked most often about Web writing.

The easiest way to discover the Web is to get a gig from a publication for which you're currently writing. Make a list of the newspapers and magazines to which you've sold material in the past year, and contact the editors. Ask what plans the publication has for its online presence in the next year, and indicate your eagerness to be part of those plans.

However, before you approach publications, there's an essential tool you need in the online world. That's a Web site.

Your writer's Web site is your entrée to a new world

Creating your own Web site is essential. It helps you to become aware of how the Web works, as well as showing editors that the Web is familiar to you, and that you're comfortable online. So if you haven't yet created your own site, that's an essential first step.

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Web writing that's easy, fun and profitable

Once you've created your own site, which acts as both your writing portfolio and as a billboard/ advertorial to anyone who wants to Google your name, you can turn your site into an online shop front to sell your writing products and writing skills directly to millions of Web surfers.

Once your Web site has been online for a few months, you'll find that you're approached to write, not only by editors, but also by Web site owners.

Other easy ways to success in Web writing include:

Developing a blog and monetising it

Writing articles

Writing Private Label Rights content

4. Approaching Web sites to write for them. There are millions more markets online than in the print world. Every corporate Web site is a market for you.

None of the four ways to success in Web writing I mentioned above require any special writing skill or experience.

As you become more comfortable online, and you become a skilled Web writer, you can take on more complex assignments. Since these are more complex, the pay is much better. As an experienced Web writer, you can expect to earn anywhere from $150 an hour upwards.

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Writing for the Web is more profitable than writing for print

As more publications move online, and more new publications start up online, the payments to writers have increased, simply because there's a competition for good writers. Payments of a dollar and two dollars a word are now common.

If you're not yet experienced enough to win top Web writing gigs, you can rest assured that there are many online publications who will nevertheless welcome you, even as a new writer. The Web has an insatiable appetite for words.

The Web is an amazing place for writers - it's a playground par excellence. Enjoy your Web writing, and if you've yet to venture online, I encourage you to take the plunge. Jump into Web writing today. You'll love it.

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