Freelance Writing FAQ - frequently asked questions about freelance writing in the new millennium

Freelance writing has changed. Even a decade ago, freelance writing meant writing for magazines and newspapers. Although print publications are still a viable market for freelance writers, they're shrinking as markets each year. In the new millennium, the Web beckons publishers, so freelance writers are finding a bright new future online.

Q: What can I write as a freelance writer?

A: If it's communication, a writer wrote it. Writers write in many areas, including:

Articles and essays for newspapers, magazines, and their Web sites

Articles for Web sites unrelated to print publications

Articles and snippets for blogs

For the Web, in many forms

Copywriting (writing advertising, as well as many different forms of marketing communications)

* Technical writing

Public relations writing

Books, both nonfiction and novels

* Performance writing, for movies, TV and stage productions

* Ghostwriting - writing for others. This includes short material like articles, and speeches, and longer material like books

* Self-publishing:
books, reports and newsletters

* Self electronic publishing - ebooks, newsletters, Web sites, blogs,

* PLR -
Private Label Rights content

Q: How do I get started?

Write something, and sell it. Or write something and publish it online on your own blog or Web site, which you monetize in various ways.

If it sounds simple, that's because it is simple: you write and sell your words to people (publishers and clients) who have a need for your words. Or you write, and publish your material online, and make money from advertisers or people who buy your
ebooks and reports.

Freelance writing in the new millennium is much simpler than it used to be. In days gone by, new freelance writers slaved for years, perfecting their craft, sending out queries and proposals to newspapers and magazines because these were the easiest markets for new freelance writers to crack.

This was a good system, because it forced writers to write to a particular market. You can still go this route. You will collect lots of rejection slips, but this is a good thing, because you will learn how to write - and you can use that experience to extend your writing career.

However, you can also
earn while you learn. The Web is so hungry for writing, that even brand new writers can write articles and materials for Web sites and can make a good income in a very short time.

Q: What's the most profitable form of freelance writing?

A: A wag once suggested ransom notes, but in a serious vein, it's copywriting - writing marketing communications for business.

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